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The issue isn't taking down 100 life, it's what 100 life can be used for. There are dozens of black cards that would love to have access to 100 life, not to mention the dozens of white cards that take advantage of high life totals. Ajanis first two abilities are even making sure your creatures are strong enough to defend it. And if your opponent is NOT playing a combo deck that can deal with 100 life? Now you have all the time in the world to assemble YOUR combo.

True true. :D

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-8: You gain 100 life.




are you fucking kidding me Wizards

for those who have never played MtG: the starting life total is 20

One word. Skullcrack. OR Maze’s End. Maze’s End gives no fucks. 

Seems pretty imba.

With so many infinite combos everywhere, 100 life isn’t even that relevant anymore. In the day and age where you CA. Generate a billion pestermites, create infinite turns, or deal a billion damage, 100 life isn’t THAT game breaking. Besides, the spoilers aren’t even done yet. There are lots of other cards that probably create and make alternate win conditions available.

Tldr :
Life isn’t everything. There are other angles of attack.

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Just generate content on a regular basis! The queue helps a TON. :D
also, do it because you enjoy doing it (and playing MTG) not for the follower count. Generate good, decent content on a modest and regular basis and you’ll start getting followers.

Never give up. :D

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The 750 Follower Give-Away Post


Hey there Folks! So I’m currently putting the rules advisor test on hold for now in favor of searching for a job(s). But here it is, the post for the next give-away!

The give-away will start as soon as we hit 750 followers (the current count is 531). How you enter is the same as all the give-aways I’ve held previously:

-Be following me (CommanDollar)

-Like this post

-Reblog this post

And then you’re in! You and everyone else who enters will have a chance to win FREE CARDS! What free cards, you may ask? Well, every day I do a short bit on a card called “Another Day, Another CommanDollar!”. Every single one of those cards are up for grabs! This includes not only the cards talked about after this post, but any remaining cards from previous give aways. If you have a mighty need to, you can check out the bits under the tag “ADACD”. I will also post a photo the day of the give-away showing all of the cards.

Winning-everyone is a winner, let’s face it. But for this give-away, there will be but 5 winners. After the 750-follower mark is reached, there will be a 24-hour period where people can follow, like and reblog in a last-minute rush to enter. After that period, the winners will be chosen at random from those who entered, and announced. If you are one of those lucky winners, you will need to contact me within the next 24 hours to confirm you have won. Also what I will need from you:

-Your top 5 cards that were previewed via “ADACD”, of which you will get 2

-An address to send your winnings to

IMPORTANT: If you were declared a winner and do not contact me within the 24-hour period, you will forfeit your winnings, and a new winner will be randomly selected and announced. So make sure you pay close attention!